RoIP (Radio over Internet Protocol) is a radio system technology that uses the standard Voice over IP (VoIP). This is used through software to get the ease of using HT. RoIP allows many communications to connect with many communication devices.


Unlike the Two-Way communication system such as telephone. RoIP has a base station that is related to the function of providing signals to all RoIP users. Amateur radio repeaters can transfer and transmit radio via IP signals. Which is not limited to certain distances or regions.


Obstacle area
When you handle an event that requires a lot of communication via radio. The distance from the repeater is too far or too many buildings block the signal. RoIP is a solution to ensure the stability of your radio communication.

Private Network
A solution to provide radio communication that is limited to internal circles. RoIP is often used for radio communications in factories, hospitals, security forces, police, and the military. Because communication is done through data through IP channels that cannot be accessed by outsiders.

Projects in various regions
When you undergo a project in the field and your radio communication signal is blocked by a hill. You can communicate radio with teams in the field with RoIP . Doesn’t matter if your project is locatied in a different location / city / island from the head office.


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