Satellite TV and IPTV is are the solutions for personal and business use that provide various channels in high quality wherever you are.

1. IPTV connects you to various TV channels around the world via an internet connection.

2. Satellite TV is a solution for all channels in various worlds connected via satellite.


Which one is better, Satellite TV or IPTV? Both have their strength and weakness. The best is the most suitable and can meet your needs. The intended need is of course the availability of the channel you want. Currently satellite tv and iptv providers provide a variety of highly competitive channels. But the position and conditions at your location are also taken into consideration to choose to subscribe to Satellite TV or IPTV.


This is a general comparison between both Satellite TV and IPTV services that can help you understand the differences.

Satellite TV

  • The signal sent through satellite
  • Using the decoder
  • Satellite TV signal coverage is up to wide range
  • Every channel’s signal is not always in same quality, depends on the transmitter location
  • Signal quality can be disrupted under bad weather conditions
  • The price is more expensive than IPTV
  • Match for user in the islands such as Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan (Bali), Gili Air, Gili Terawangan, Gili Meno (Lombok), Etc


  • The signal sent through internet connection
  • Using the decoder
  • IPTV signal needs to use high internet bandwith.
  • All channel quality are always in good quality.
  • Signal quality can is always stable even under bad weather conditions as long as it’s connected to the internet.
  • Match for user in any location who is able to use high bandwith internet connection.


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