Camera systems that meet industry standards and the needs of various companies.

1. CCTV packages available for 4, 8 and 16 cameras with large storage capacity.

2. There are various IP-Camera packages available.

3. Also available for various types of surveillance cameras in 16 cameras or for specific users according to client requests

Surveillance System

More then just selling cctv like any advertisment you see in social media. Austin Networks surveillance system helps you protect your business from a variety of security problems. Is your business threatened by theft, potential fraudulent behavior or possible accountability? Regardless of your needs we will provide it for you.

Survey : We always conduct surveys to ascertain the situation and needs in your location.

Design : We will make installation designs and quotation that match your needs and survey results. Then we will show it to you for your approval.

Installation : The installation process is carried out by a technical team trained in the Standard Operational Procedure.

Camera : There are various types of cameras that we provide. Wired, wireless, analog, to IP-based cameras. Everything is equipped with HD technology to ensure the quality of the recording.

Decoder : You don’t need to worry about storage problems. We provide decoders with a large storage capacity according to the number of cameras used.

Remotely : You can monitor the security of your location remotely with an internet connection. Your home, office or shop can be monitored in real time for 24 hours via your smartphone. It’s as easy as you watch youtube with your gadgets.


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